Poker Charter


My Name is (ahh nearly slipped out)
I am a regular poker player in Dublin, last April my poker reached a new low.
I decided to give it a last ditched effort to try salvaging the hobby I love.
After lots of deliberation and soul searching “The Charter” was born.
My theory was “if I can’t do it for me, maybe I can do it for someone else!” 
Here is a copy my Charter;

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How this website started:
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What is the object of this Project:
To Make a difference 

Yes we could make this website Bigger; more jazzy (technical term) this would dilute the message.
So if you like it! Stay a while, say "Hello" and if you fell inclined make a donation to a charity or help someone who needs it. Make a difference, just because you want too, lots of people making a little difference makes a HUGE difference.

This website went live on the 4thof July 2014, using google analytics we have been tracking the visitors. Google showed on the 10thJuly just 6 days after site launch people from 116 cities in 65 countries worldwide have visited the site 5 days later on the 15ththis had grown to over 245 cities in 94 countries worldwide. 
On Sunday 20th July 2014 this site has been visited from over 364 cities in 115 countries worldwide.
On Tuesday 5th August 2014 this site has visitors from 566 cities in in 142 countries worldwide.

Wow! Today 5th August 2014 we have been visited by 2,700 people from 566 cities in 142 countries worldwide.

Made possible by YOU,Thanks.


Snapshots from google stats in PDF format are available below for each date.

Visitors from launch on 4th July 2014 to 10th July 2014 VIEW IT>>>

Visitors from launch on 4th July 2014 to 15th July 2014 VIEW IT>>>

Visitors from launch on 4th July 2014 to 20th July 2014