Poker Charter


My Name is (ahh nearly slipped out)
I am a regular poker player in Dublin, last April my poker reached a new low.
I decided to give it a last ditched effort to try salvaging the hobby I love.
After lots of deliberation and soul searching “The Charter” was born.
My theory was “if I can’t do it for me, maybe I can do it for someone else!” 
Here is a copy my Charter;

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Poker Charter Finished since 21st Oct 


Thank You for the support 
Above is a sample of the present's on their way to Santa’s sleigh for delivery next week to some very special children, children who without your generosity would not receive a present this Christmas. This year you have made sure that over 400 children will get Santa.

On behalf of the people and children you are helping, I wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a great new year. 

As most of you know I do a regularly Christmas eve run for the homeless and this Christmas will be doing the same, over the last while I have been doing my yearly repairs for donations and would like to thank you for you generous contributions, on top of which people have been hugely generous! we have been able to support "The Capuchin Day Centre"  who are helping the homeless all year round and this year the demand for their services has grown and grown.